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Things To Consider When Choosing A Builder

Choosing the right builder to trust with your new home is perhaps the most important decision that you can make. Not all builders offer the same levels of design service, workmanship and backup service. So when comparing builders it is essential that you ask as many questions as possible to find out how they operate such as;

Below is a list of additional things that you might like to consider.

+ Your Builder

Are you able to talk to your Builder directly rather than dealing only with the site supervisor, sales and office staff? With many building companies you deal with different staff members before and after signing the contract. With Michael Hoare Builders you have direct contact with Michael, the Builder, throughout the entire time that your home is being planned and built. This helps make the whole process as straight forward and stress free an experience as possible.

+ Home Design

Good design doesn’t cost any more, and at Michael Hoare Builders we have our own in-house architect to make sure that you get your dream home. We are able to modify our plans to suit your needs or help turn your ideas into a unique new home design.

    Whether you plan on using your existing furniture or intend on buying furniture for your new home, careful consideration should be given to its placement. This is best done at the design stage. Our architect, Mark, can place furniture on to your preferred plan to ensure that it fits in a layout that suits your family’s lifestyle.
    Is the double garage long and wide enough to accommodate your vehicles? The Queensland Development Code’s recommended minimum size is 6 metres long x 5.7 metres wide. All our garages are a minimum of 6m x 5.8m. If you have a large vehicle we will make sure that it can fit into your garage at the design stage and if needed lengthen the garage on the plan to suit.
    Our driveways are wide enough so that you are able to drive in and out of your double garage without driving on the lawn and are able to park two cars in front of the garage.

+ What Is Included In The Price?

Different builders have different standard inclusions making it difficult to compare prices. For your peace of mind and financial security it is essential that you know what is included in the contract price and just as importantly, what is not included! If you request a quote we provide you with a detailed list of inclusions that is straight forward and easy to read.

    Ensure all councils requirements are included in the quote price e.g. soil tests, engineering fees, insurances, siting variations etc. A quote from Michael Hoare Builders always includes these hidden costs.
    Check that you have a realistic PC (Prime Cost) price for your tiles. This allows you to choose from a much wider range without having to pay extra. We allow $26/m2 for floor tiles and $33/m2 for wall tiles, which will cover most tile ranges.
    Do you have a reasonable number of lights and power points? We will provide you with an electrical plan showing the location and numbers of all electrical fittings. This allows you to decide if you would like extra fittings before the contract is signed.

+ Quality of Constuction

Not all builders construct homes to the same exacting level of quality and finish. Michael Hoare Builders uses a team of skilled local tradesmen whose workmanship is second to none. We do not use discount tradesmen, suppliers or building materials, giving you the peace of mind that you will have a home that you can be proud of. Our low overheads ensure that you will not pay extra for a job well done. It is the little attentions to detail that can make a real difference between one of our homes and a house built by a typical volume builder.

    Timber framed internal walls cost more than steel framed ones, but they are more robust. We recommend and always use termite resistant timber framing. We space our timber studs at 450mm maximum centres.
    We use ultra-premium Dulux paint with Teflon additive which makes cleaning walls much easier.
    Your entire roof should be insulated not just over the living area. Complete roof insulation is much more efficient in moderating temperature and reducing the noise of heavy rain. Insulation placed directly on the ceiling should be avoided. We place our foil backed insulation blanket under the roof sheeting.
    Placing bird proof wire between the gutter and fascia helps stops birds nesting in the roof space. Myna birds, sparrows and bats are particularly attracted to this area. We always install bird wire to the gutters in our homes.
    Although it is cheaper, we do not recommend using gyprock sheeting on your patio ceiling. We use FC (fibre cement) sheeting which is waterproof and safe to clean with a hose.
    Many builders space the roof trusses at 1.2 metre centres. We believe that it is good practice to have trusses at a maximum of one metre centres. This makes it safer to walk around and do inspections. The battens supporting your ceiling sheeting also have a shorter span resulting in a better finish.
    We always paint the top and bottom of all timber doors as recommended by door manufacturers. Doors not painted are generally not covered by warranty.

+ Post Construction

After you have moved into your new home what level of back up service can you expect from your builder? We at Michael Hoare Builders provide you with the peace of mind knowing that if any problems or warranty concerns arise they will be promptly and competently resolved. The person that you deal with is Michael, the Builder. The same person who has assisted you in building your dream home from the very beginning!

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